Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Greeting - some new arrivals

Wishing everyone the best of health and prosperity for 2012 !!

Have a good new year celebration (remember: don't drive to drink!)

Reminder that Invasion! Toys will be at new location Funan #05-36 from 6th January 2012, and we have some special guests to help us kick off our new locale - see Facebook for more details :)

Plus we got in some new stuff:

HALO Noble Team 6 pack
HALO Reach series 5 delux armor packs / two-packs
HALO Warthog mud splattered (toys r us exclusive)
HALO Playarts Kai Master Chief
Mortal Kombat figures
DC Direct Arkham City Series 1 (set of 3)
DC Direct Power Ring spectrum set
Bowen Studio Iron Man classic Armored avenger statue
restock Marvel Select Deadpool
Funko's wacky wisecracks bobble head star wars featuring Vader, Yoda and Fett
Star Wars Death Star Trench run (Xwing vs Vader's TIE) Hasbro's toys r us exclusive
Future Foundation Marvel Minimates 4pack (disney store exclusive)
Sideshow GI Joe Viper cobra infantry

plus new comics / trades / Hardcovers selection!

Operating hours: Saturday (31st Dec) from 1pm to 5pm

Sunday (1st Jan 2012) 1030 am to 5pm

Monday (2nd) will open but will be packing in readiness for moving to Funan,
feel free to drop in but pardon the mess ! :)

See you and take care

David, Invasion! Toys

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