Sunday, August 26, 2012

STGCC run up - Store opening hours

Dear Friends:

This weekend is the STGCC at Marina Bay Sands, Expo Hall B;

Invasion! Toys & Collectibles will be at booths C22 and C24, come visit for lots of goodies on sale:
new and older stuff (including consigned from our friends and customers) including 1:6 scale figures
(Hot Toys, DiD, Soldier Story, Triadtoys, Dragon Models, Blue Box and more) plus comix and movie-related
action figures / vinyls / statues from ToyBiz, Mattel, Hasbro, Lego and more !

For comic and art fans, we have our exclusive guest from Atlanta USA Mr Mark Brooks, renowned Marvel
artist (X-men, Fantastic Four, etc) who will be at our booth. Buy his art books plus prints, get his signature or picture taken
(our booth will also be selling various comics and collected trades / hardcovers of his works).

for latest on Mark Brooks event.

Due to the busy weekend and preparation thereof, please note our opening hours for Funan #05-36

(please bear with us this week as the store will be full of boxes in preparation for the event)

30th August (Thursday): normal
Special event: 6 to 8 pm Guest appearance by Mark Brooks

31st August (Friday): Closed from 2pm for setting up at Marina Bay Sands

1st Sept (Saturday): Operating hours from 12 to 7 pm

2nd Sept (Sunday): Closed - all staff will be at Marina Bay Sands STGCC event (Booth C22 and C24)
our apologies for any inconvenience :)

3rd Sept (Monday) Normal operating hours from 1 pm.

Thanks for your patience and support;
for those who have outstanding items to collect at our store, please do contact 91901408 to confirm
availability and store opening hours.

Invasion! Toys n Collectibles crew;
unit #05-36 Funan DigitaLife Mall

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot Toys STGCC exclusives pix up

For more pix see:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's new (end April / early May update)


we have the following in stock now

~ Enterbay Real Masterpiece 1/6 Leon the Professional
~ GI Joe Retaliation 3packs (ninja showdown, Dojo set)
~ GI Joe Retaliation wave 1 figures
~ World of Warcraft Lich King deluxe figure (restock - last few!)
~ World of Warcraft Lich King with Frostmurne the sword in light up base (done by Chao toys)
~ Revoltech War Machine (restock)
~ new Marvel Legends style movie / comix series Avengers / Cap / Thor
~ Marvel Bishoujo Series X-23 statue
~ Sideshow Tanis Map Room (Indiana Jones) Environment playset (heavy!):
   perfect complement to the Hot Toys Indy figure issued last year

Coming next week:

Restock Starcraft Series 1 and 2 deluxe figures;

new 1:6 accessories from Triad Toys (Valkyrian armor / dress); new school (Ivy league style) attire
for female; Pantheon and Firefight diorama pieces;

restock Marvel Select Green Hulk;

Captain Action 1:6 costume Captain America, Spider-man

Tons of new comix, trades and Hardcovers including FCBD items plus Tee shirts!

Have fun everyone and looking forward to Avengers movie !!

David, Invasion! Toys & Collectibles
unit #05-36 Funan DigitaLife Mall

contact 91901408

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In now - toys and comix (Diamond order)

Sorry for the delay, we now have the Avengers vs X-men issue #0 and #1 comix
in our Funan store plus assorted new comix, trades and Hardcovers (HC) including
Young Avengers Children's Crusade, Fear Itself, Marvel Zombies, Conan Chronicles (Dark Horse reprinting early Marvel), some early Eduardo Risso ("100 Bullets")work collected
and more !

Marvel Legends 2012 wave 2 (variant wave) final re-stock
Bowen Iron Man Hydro Armor statue
Thor classic action statue
Hawkeye museum pose statue
Batman black and white Sam Keith statue
GI Joe wave 3 figures
Batman Legacy Police guard Joker vs Batman
Avengers movie Mini Muggs
Starcraft Tychus figure

Attacus series of Star Wars 1/8 scale statues

some quantities could be limited so do call to enquire;

Invasion! Toys & Collectibles
unit #05-36 Funan Digitalife Mall

contact 91901408

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In stock now (lots)

After a very very quiet February, we are starting to see lots of new products
coming in...

Phicen seamless female bodies (pale, Tan, large chest)

InFlames Metal Boss armor version (very nice unlicensed Solid Snake ghost face with

ZC Girls biker female (Shimei and Azumi)

DiD British 1st World War figure (inspired by movie War Horse)

Revoltech Iron Man Mk III (with light up chest)

Marvel Select Green Goblin (very scary looking)

TriadToys Alpha female bodies (x4 ethnic colors)
TriadToys x4 design female headsculpts

Bishoujo DC Poison Ivy
Bishoujo Marvel Mystique

re-stock HALO Reach Noble 6 team 6pack (last! no more stock)

Super Mario game figures (5 inch scale)

Final Fantasy Playarts Kai Cloud,Squall, Gabranth, Lightning

plus new comix, trade paperbacks and Hardcovers;

Do drop in this weekend

David - Invasion! Toys & Collectibles
unit #05-36 Funan DigitaLife Mall

contact 91901408

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Star Wars vintage carded deleted scenes wave in stock now

Hey all

we have the new Star Wars case assortment which includes the following 5 blu-ray
deleted scenes figures:

Leia in sandstorm outfit
Lando in sandstorm outfit
Luke (Jedi with cloak) lightsaber construction
Millenium Falcon crew member Colonel Cracken
A-wing pilot (mon calamari);

rest of wave consist of repeats including Sidius, Darth Maul, Qui Gon, young Anakin,
Battle droid, Nabool royal guard (debut) and Quinlon Vos

Selected figures above are sold in sets only - please inquire on price and availability


Invasion! Toys & Collectibles
#05-36 Funan DigitaLife Mall

hp 91901408

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Batmobile (1989 version) pix up!

check out usual forum pages, here is one:

What a beauty!! perfect complement to the soon-available Batman 1:6 figure!

Stay tuned for pre-order details, to get on our mailing list, email
us at