Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bowen upcoming Marvel White Queen statues

Ms Emma Frost, co-leader of the X-men is next up in Bowen's line of Marvel statues; standing at 12 inches and scheduled for end April 2010, she is priced at S$254 with $100 downpayment (non-refundable), all orders due no later than 23rd February 2010;

there is also an exclusive version in her Diamond form, this arrives a month later (May) and priced at S$330; anyone keen to order this version please contact me for ordering and payment options.


"My name is Lt Aldo Raine..."

and we are here to do one thing only - Kill Nazis!"

Remember this intro line to Quentin Tarantino's WW2 epic "Inglorius Basterds"?
Now you can own Hot Toys next movie masterpiece line (a piece of Brad Pitt!)
Lt Aldo Raine in glorius 12 inch !

Orders open until Feb 3rd, $50 deposit will get you this glorius figure for a measly S$174 nett (list price is $200).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Newsflash! Kitty Pryde returns !

YES! read this early morning and got to share it with comix fans everywhere (Marvel X-men fans in particular)

Kitty Pryde last seen in Josh Whedon's Astonishing X-men final issue trapped in a gigantic bullet in outer space will return in Uncanny X-men issue #522 !

Story with trailer below:

Great news and can't wait to see how they bring her back !

Incidentally, Whedon's run on the X-men is ESSENTIAL reading for anyone who loves comix / it reads like a serial TV plot; get the Omnibus edition which collects all 24 issues plus the Giant Size finale and be prepared to be "astonished". Whedon's script, plotting and handling of character dialogue is first class !

Plus the artwork from John Cassaday (who drew every page of the entire run!) is just gorgeous especially the women !! This book needs to be on every comic fan's shelf.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year,,, New unit location,,.

... same Great service !

over Friday and Saturday, with help from my friends, completed shop relocation to
new unit (just 30 steps from the old one!)

Please look for us now at Unit #02-20 (nearer the escalator).

Will post pics once the shop layout is "fit for viewing"!

My sincere thanks to Alwyn, Stanley, Desmond, Wayne for all the hard labor on Saturday
to ensure the shop is ready for business on Sunday.

Mr Alwyn, a good friend / customer also helped designed the nifty shop logo and namecard;

Will look to settle down and hopefully update this blog more frequently to bring to you more
news / reviews of the latest toys and collectibles.

Incidentally a big shipment from USA just landed - lots of comix, hardcovers, Marvel Masterworks, old and new toys in our first overseas shipment for the year, do come and see
or email with any inquiries.

Managed to secure some low quantities from USA of Hot Toys Lost Predator, Utapau clone trooper (Sideshow), Cobra Commander GI Joe; some loose Marvel legends six inch figures, Diamond Select Star Trek items, GI Joe army builder sets from the movie;

also the latest Marvel Select figure - Daredevil the man w/o fear just came in.
Plus restocks of the previous sold out DC Direct covergirls of the DC universe Zatanna
and Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes (AH!).

Finally - a reminder that the pre-order of Hot Toys T800 with Arnold headsculpt
closes on 15th January; $50 deposit now gets you the item at $195;
$100 deposit gets you the item at $190!

3rd option - pay $440 to get both the new release John Connor final battle AND
the T800! you save over $60 with this great deal!

Cheers - have a great week ahead

10th January 2010