Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yo guys, sorry for lack of updates, anyway we have the following coming in this week,
some limited availability please check / call if interested:

1) Medicom RAH Star Wars 12 inch Boba Fett
2) Medicom RAH Star Wars 12 inch Jango Fett
3) Iron Man (Hasbro) 6 inch armored avenger series
4) DC Direct Batman Arkham Asylum Series 1
5) Marvel Select Magneto (restock)
6) Shogun Warriors Go-Lion large action figure
7) (toysrus US exclsive) Green Lantern (Hal) vs Sinestro 2pack (the cool features
are the weapon attachments that come with the package)
8) Mattel movie masters (6 inch) Two Face, Joker (2nd version)
9) (Hasbro) Star Wars vintage box new AT-AT
10) Star Wars Lego AT AT
11) Marvel Minimates Uncanny X - Force box set (4 figs)
12) restock HALO Warhog vehicle, Reach figures 2 pack (series2), Carter, Kat, Elite officer, Skirmisher
13) Playarts Kai HALO Jun
14) Sideshow Star Wars Gamorrean guard (12 inch)
15) sideshow GI Joe final restock Red Ninja (12 inch)
16) Iron Man adult size helmet (costume accessory)
17) Thor Hammer replica

plus assorted new comix, trade paperbacks, Hardcovers (mainly Marvel)

We have the following Hot Toys MIB on consignment sales, if interested please

1) Whiplash
2) Barney Ross
3) Iron Man Mk 2 sideshow USA exclusive
4) Iron Man Mech Test Tony Stark
5) (military) USMC Iraq sniper
6) T2 T800

Cheers, thanks for reading

David Teh
Invasion! Toys & Collectibles
unit #02-20 China Sq Central