Thursday, December 1, 2011

New arrivals - US comics and stuff

Hey all

In now (at China Sq Central store)

Fantastic Four #600 - (fire man returns!)
Avenging spider-man #1 (Joe Mad art)
Fear Itself #7.1 (prelude to new 2012 series: Winter Soldier ongoing series)
Uncanny Xmen #1 relaunch - see Cyclops new team
Point one special - anthalogy - see Marvel's important story events of 2012 begin here!
Kick Ass 2 #5 - Hit Girl returns!
Hulk #1 (Silvestri art) restock

Essential Spider-man Vol 5
Essential Fantastic Four vol 5
- a bunch of Marvel Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks

Walking Dead (MaFarlane) Zombie 2pack!
Gambit fine art statue (by Kotobukiya)
Pez - Hello Kitty plush (cute!)
Marvel Minimates Heralds of Galactus 4 figure set
Marvel Minimates Series 42 Thor and Cap centric 2pks
DC Direct Blackest Night Box set (contents 4 figures)
Sq Enix Playarts Kai Deus Ex series of 3 figures
NECA Robocop 7 inch restock

unit #02-20 China Sq Central

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