Thursday, August 25, 2011

New incoming US toys and more!

Update - 25 Aug

We are getting in the following:

McFarlane HALO Reach Series 4 figures / 2packs / 3packs and new Mongoose vehicle sets;
Marvel Masterworks Sentinel
Marvel Select Hawkeye (Disney store exclusive)
Marvel Minimates Series 41
Winnie the Pooh Pez
GI Joe Skystriker jet with figure
NECA new edition T2 movie figure assortment
Assassin Creed 1:18 scale figures (Unimax)

also new in 1:6 scale:

Soldier Story USMC Afghanistan (U toys exclusive from recent STGCC)
3R Hermann Goring (2 versions)
ACI roman gladiator Flamma
male clothes: Japanese style jacket and jeans
new Headplay: Tobin, Anthony Hopkins, Jean Reno likeness

and still available (limited quantity):

Hot Toys spider-man 3
Hot Toys War Machine
Hot Toys Iron Man Mk 4
Hot Toys Iron Man Mk 6
Hot Toys new narrow shoulder tru-type male body

See you soon!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's new - updates

wow - long time between posts, my bad!

We got a bunch of Marvel Hardcovers coming in later today plus the following:

1) DC Direct Arkham Asylum Series 2 armored Batman
2) DC Direct Brightest Day series 2 set of 4
3) Smurf movie sets
4) Streetfighter capsule figures
5) lots of Marvel / Select figures loose
6) 1:18 scale tanks / figures / GI Joe
7) Mr Bean bendable figures
8) Tee shirts (Marvel vs Capcom), Grn Lantern movie

also in a bunch of 1:6 scale female bodies / clothes / accessories for your customizing needs.

counting down to STGCC stats Aug 20, Invasion! toys will be there to celebrate pop culture's finest Singapore expo so come on down!

and, post-STGCC we will continue with our "Unboxing Day" action figure reviews!
Promise :)

Cheers all