Monday, July 19, 2010

Watch "Inception" - genius filmaking !

Hey all, I found the perfect film to wash away the turgid feeling from watching "Predators" - Chris Nolan's "Inception": this is film making at its most creative, risk-taking bravura ! A Masterpiece - sure to be the most talked about film of the summer (which IMHO has been quite disappointing).

A dream within a dream within a dream (yes many layers) - sure it is cerebral and not a popcorn movie, but intensely watchable (helped by the cast and a generous amount of slam-bang action scenes) but mostly held by Nolan's (he of the two latest Batman Dark Knight movie)ingenious plot and script that does not sink under its weight...

Hard to say more about the details without spoiling the film but trust me, go watch this, everyone (famed critics and amateur alike) have been mostly giving this positive reviews. Plus after the crap "Predators" this is a welcome entry and kind of restores my faith that Hollywood studios still willing to bank on creative talents (Inception reportedly budgeted at $160 million).

The last shot - did he make it out of dream state or is he trapped in limbo??

Chris Nolan - is this guy good or what??


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