Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey! just seen "Predators" the movie: my verdict?

It sucks big time!!
Seriously, while we should rejoice in getting another movie treatment on our favourite alien hunter, this latest incarnation is a travesty when compared to the first (and best!) release... hell, compared to any other Predator treatment be it movie, games or comix!!

My problem with it ? The Plot - there is none!!
and what little there is, is full of unexplained details, furnished with an illogical premise, set up and execution.

I know - the fanboys want to see Predators in action, so perhaps storyline is secondary, but still, we deserve better than this piece of poorly-contrived scripment coupled with cheesy dialogue and lack of a well-thought out script!

Can anyone explain to me:

1) the purpose of the character played by Lawrence (Morbius) Fishburne?
2) the entire sequence involving the Predator space ship ?

This was cinematic torture of the worst kind - a fan-favorite fictional beloved character thrown into a mish-mash of ill conceived plot; I am sorry but I think this will surely kill the Predator franchise.. maybe forever!

Still, there is one saving grace - from a toys / action figure standpoint, seeing that Hot Toys has the license to make "Predators" figures, it was cool to spot potential releases from this movie. I laughed out loud during the final climatic battle between Royce (Adrian Brody character) and the "new" Predator... Battle Damage version anyone ??!

Feedback and any contrary opinion welcome!

My Verdict: 1.5 stars out of 5. (save your $$ folks!)
RIP Predator!

Signing out
10 July 2010

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