Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's new - updates

wow - long time between posts, my bad!

We got a bunch of Marvel Hardcovers coming in later today plus the following:

1) DC Direct Arkham Asylum Series 2 armored Batman
2) DC Direct Brightest Day series 2 set of 4
3) Smurf movie sets
4) Streetfighter capsule figures
5) lots of Marvel / Select figures loose
6) 1:18 scale tanks / figures / GI Joe
7) Mr Bean bendable figures
8) Tee shirts (Marvel vs Capcom), Grn Lantern movie

also in a bunch of 1:6 scale female bodies / clothes / accessories for your customizing needs.

counting down to STGCC stats Aug 20, Invasion! toys will be there to celebrate pop culture's finest Singapore expo so come on down!

and, post-STGCC we will continue with our "Unboxing Day" action figure reviews!
Promise :)

Cheers all


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