Saturday, May 21, 2011

Store update - what's new this week

Just a quick note of the items that came in over the past week:

1) Sideshow Toys Star Wars 12inch Commander Cody - must buy!!
2) Hot Toys Ghost Rider (limited if no pre order)
3) Hot Toys DX04 Bruce Lee
4) Soldier Story weapons rack 1:6 scale kit
5) Figure hero alien hunter kit, one with shotgun, one with gatling gun;
6) new Headplay heads: Anthony wong, Jacky cheung, Christian Bale likeness;
7) 3R WW 2 japanese admiral summer version (Toshiro Mifune likeness)
8) DiD German SS officer Hans (actor who played the Jew hunter in Inglorius Basterds)

Next week Spotlight:

new series 3 HALO Reach figures from McFarlane toys;
NECA 18 inch scale classic Predators!
Marvel Select Thor movie figures
assorted new Marvel comix!

Thanks and regards
David - Invasion! Toys
21st May 2011

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