Saturday, January 29, 2011

New releases in Stock!

Hey guys

We have the latest releases in stock now at China Square Central:

1) Transformers masterpiece MP9 Rodimus
- a beautiful product

2) Hot Toys Falconer Predator
3) Hot Toys "Expandables" Barney Ross (best Stallone sculpt ever!)
4) Hot Toys 10th anniversary Batman and Scarecrow 2 pack
5) Hot Toys 10th anniversary Michael Jackson "Beat It"
6) Masters of the Universe Eternia palace guards 2pack
7) restock HALO Warthog (vehicle)
8) Enterbay Bruce Lee 1:4 scale statue (2nd in the series)

plus, new comics, trade paperbacks and Hard Cover selection
plus some cool vintage toys: Star Wars, GI Joe, Marvel Legends

Take care everyone - there is a flu epidemic out there and with Chinese New year coming, no one wants to be sick in bed!


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