Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Upcoming HALO Reach action figures (McFarlaneToys)

Hey u all out there -

is anyone in Singapore excited about the upcoming HALO 3: Reach game coming in September? How about the action figures coming from McFarlane Toys ? seems to me the HALO figures are not as popular now as when it first came out 3 years ago (maybe pricing and availability has to do with this, with the demise of the previous McFarlane toys local distributor...)

Anyway, for those who have seen the official shots of some of the new characters for the Reach series (head to for a wealth of HALO game information), there are some pretty cool looking figures / Spartans featuring the Noble 6 team; how I wish Hot Toys has the HALO license - they will do kick-ass 1/6 scale versions!!

Invasion! Toys will be bringing in the new HALO 3 Reach action figures from McFarlane Toys scheduled for release late Sept / early October, including the 2-packs pictured above.

Also due for release are deluxe vehicle series featuring the Warthog (finally!!)
and Ghost with Elite figure.

Stay tuned for more news / pics as when available!


1st July 2010


  1. Wow...Really interesting news. Thanks for providing this useful information. Halo figures are becoming very popular.

  2. Hey Dave . The pics u posted was from series 1 of halo reach
    can u kindly tell me went the series 3 , 2 pack grenaider and marksman
    expert Spartan gonna release.