Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Bowen Marvel Statues up for orders:

Scheduled for end July / early August, Bowen studios is releasing two very nice
Marvel 12-inch statues:

1) Black Widow
A Bowen Designs Sculpt! Trained in the Soviet Union to be the world's ultimate assassin, Natasha Romanova is known by the lethal skills she displays as the Black Widow, leaving bodies in her wake. Long an ally of the Avengers, this dangerous damsel is sculpted by Tim Miller as a 12" tall statue, wearing her trademark black body suit with a gun in her hand and her red hair flowing across her shoulders.

2)Extremis armor Iron Man
A Bowen Designs Sculpt! Badly injured in battle as Iron Man, Tony Stark sought to save his life by injecting himself with a techno-organic virus to rebuild his body. As a consequence, Stark's Iron Man armor fused with his body, turning him into a cyborg of sorts; the armor could conceal itself within his bones, while his brain became able to connect to computers and other electrical devices. The newer, sleeker armor that resulted was called the Extremis Armor, and this high-tech armor is sculpted by Avinash Hegde as a 12" tall statue.

Ordering details mailing list issued, please contact me if interested;
deadline is May 25th.

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