Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Newsflash! Kitty Pryde returns !

YES! read this early morning and got to share it with comix fans everywhere (Marvel X-men fans in particular)

Kitty Pryde last seen in Josh Whedon's Astonishing X-men final issue trapped in a gigantic bullet in outer space will return in Uncanny X-men issue #522 !

Story with trailer below:

Great news and can't wait to see how they bring her back !

Incidentally, Whedon's run on the X-men is ESSENTIAL reading for anyone who loves comix / it reads like a serial TV plot; get the Omnibus edition which collects all 24 issues plus the Giant Size finale and be prepared to be "astonished". Whedon's script, plotting and handling of character dialogue is first class !

Plus the artwork from John Cassaday (who drew every page of the entire run!) is just gorgeous especially the women !! This book needs to be on every comic fan's shelf.


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